District 12, covering the Greater Boston Area

Joe Kelliher


District Cdr

United States Power Squadrons®
is America's Boating Club®


Welcome to the United States Power Squadrons®, America's Boating Club® .

Organized in Boston in 1914, America's Boating Club® is a nation-wide volunteer organization of sailors, kayakers, power-boaters, paddle boarders and canoeists dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable through civic service, education, and fellowship on the water.

In 2020 recreational boating had a surge in interest which continues today. Whether you are a novice, returning to boating after a lapse or just need to hone your skills, America’s Boating Club is for you!

Boating is fun, we’ll show you how!

America’s Boating Course, our most popular, has taught over 5 million students how to be safer and confident on the water. Other classes and seminars will save you money as you learn to do your own engine maintenance or electrical work. Navigation, Power Boat Handling, Paddling, Cruise Planning, Sail, Weather, Radar, GPS and more will increase your skills and confidence.

In eastern Massachusetts, we have courses taught by our certified instructor volunteers starting in early fall and on into the spring. Some are in person, others on-line and a few will be both. See our course schedule page for upcoming courses.

Come for the education, stay for the friends!

For over 100 years, members have joined for the great courses we offer. But we stay and volunteer because of our friends. Squadrons and the district offer a variety of events including dinner meetings with speakers, week long or multi week cruises, daytime rendezvous, beachside barbeques, and off-season tours and get togethers. Give us a try, take a class, and join a squadron, discover how to save on boat insurance, marine supplies, subscriptions, and finally, make new friends who love boating as much as you do!

Welcome to America’s Boating Club®!!