Jubilee Yacht Club

Cruising Fleet


Welcome to JYC Cruising Fleet!

The Cruising Fleet is  comprised of Jubilee Yacht Club members who enjoy camaraderie and activities on the water. Every summer, there are several weekend trips to local ports like Gloucester, Boston and Scituate   and the MBYCA Rendezvous in August.  We also schedule a Dingy Drift and a 'Cruise to Nowhere' during the summer. Both sail and power boaters are welcome to join us as well as members travelling by 'land yacht'.

Upcoming Events

June 25-26, Scituate Cruise

Meet at Satuit Boat Club around 4pm for appetizers.
Moorings are now $60 a night.

July 16-17, Boston Cruise

Meet at Waterboat Marina in Boston for cookout.
Moorings are now $75 a night without launch service.

July 29- 30 Gloucester Cruise

Friday, BYOB off the stern of Adventure 5:30 - 6:30pm.
Staturday, meet at Jacob's Landing Park for picnic around 6pm

August 13-14, MBYCA Rendezvous

Annual Rendezvous at Wessagusset Yacht CLub

Early September, Cruise to Nowhere

Scavenger Hunt Sail and then meet back at the club for a picnic.

2022 Events

Saturday, June 25
Scituate Cruise

Saturday  July 16
Boston Cruise

Friday, July 29
Gloucester Cruise

Saturday  August 13
MBYCA Rendezvous

Weekday early September
Cruise to No Where
Picnic at the Club